Jean-Louis Mahjun : 5-string electric viola & mandolin. Alain Giroux : guitar picking, vocal.

       Once upon a time, in a parisian club, a great violin player met a talented guitarist-singer.
  It was (as many witnesses declared) a close encounter of the blues kind.
  Since that shivering night, these two characters gave concerts, composed and even cut memorable records.
  Here they are : swinging acrobatics, humour, complicity and virtuosity !

       The first one - JEAN-LOUIS MAHJUN - plays violin and mandolin since an early age. Deeply impressed by   Jimmy HENDRIX and Frank ZAPPA, he formed his own band in the seventies and toured intensively...
  The second one - ALAIN GIROUX - is a gifted singer and a fabulous guitar player.
  He had recorded six LPs, a video, had written many blues manuals and started to play with BILL DERAIME

       The pair is terrific ! On a background of MAHJUN's stratospheric and symphonic violins, blend GIROUX's   deep voice and elaborate guitar work.
  Their music is an astounding mix of rather antinomic styles.
  A boogie woogie can features some tsigane choruses and a blues can be interpreted with an unorthodox
  irish rythm section !

       After a brilliant debut album, "RENCONTRE DU DEUXIEME TYPE" (1992), followed the classic "DOUBLE
  JEU" (1996) : great pieces of rock jazziness that the pair beautifully controled with billowy voice and extactic   playing.
       To celebrate the millenium, that duo set out to the studio to prove that they're never out of inspiration.
  They released their third opus "JAIL OF LOVE". They have created a body of music heavily influenced by   country, blues and southern rock.  Their songs include covers ("Willie The Weeper", "Guitar Rag", "Cocaïne   Blues"), a mythical piece of argentinian tango ("La Cumparsita") as well as original recordings of their own
      Their improvisations, harmonic contortions and real states of grace will catch every listener's attention...
   It's easy to figure out the real quality of their work: just watch the audience's feet when they're performing live !
  And now, finally, with "Two fo rthe show", recorded live in Spain, you can finally enjoy a Mahjun & Giroux
  concert at home.......       ENJOY !

       Rencontre du deuxième type (New Rose 422151) 1991
       Double jeu (Last Call 422447) 1996
       Jail of love (Last Call 3054722) 1999
       Two for the show (lastcall 3102402) 2005

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